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Account and Teams
2 teams per account, totaling no more than 60 members
Storage (total)
500 MB (per team)
Media Storage Time
30 days
12 months
Team Logo and Wallpaper

(Profiles and integration with email and text)

Team Alerts

(Voice, text and calendar)

Team Calendar (schedule)
Roll Call
GPS Directions
Game Report
Player Rating and MVP
Import Calendar
Calendar Subscription
Photo Sharing
Subject to storage capacity and time limits
Video Sharing
Subject to storage capacity and time limits
Document Sharing
Subject to storage capacity and time limits
Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive
In-app Browser
Custom Bookmarks
Push Notification
Privacy and Security
Premium Features and Upgrades to Future Features

(Group Alerts, Group/Multiple Calendars, Custom Module Links for Store, Curriculum and Store and more)

Free use of Event App ("mini website")
Phone Contact with Support

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