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Private Group Networks, Inc. Privacy Policy

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Effective date: January 31, 2014

Last modified: January 31, 2014

This Privacy Policy applies to your use of all our apps (“Services”). Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect, how we use that information and the practice we follow to protect your privacy.

Please read this carefully and thoroughly. Please also be reminded that these policies and practices may get modified from time to time.

Account Information

In order to use our Services, we require that you register an account in our server. Your account information is treated as follows:

Your Phone Contacts and Friends in the Services

Some of our apps make it easy for you to contact your friends by using your contacts and email addresses already stored in your phone’s address book (“Phone Contacts”). Your Phone Contacts are copied only locally into our app in your phone but are made only available to the server to designate specific recipients of specific messages, or to retrieve messages from specific sources. As such, we do not maintain or keep records about your friends or contacts. We do not have backup of your Phone Contacts or friends in the Services.

Messages Between You and Your Friends

Within our Services, you can trade voice messages with others (individuals or groups). These messages are considered private between you and the designated recipients. That is, only you and the designated recipients have access to them. Also, within our Services, there is no built-in forwarding function for these messages. We strongly recommend that you respect this privacy provision by using external recording means to circumvent this restriction. We do reserve the right to investigate into these messages in response to complaints or suspicions of activities that are unlawful or inappropriate (such as personal harassments).

Messages You Post to Social Media

Within our Services, you may choose to post messages directly to external social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. THESE MESSAGES ARE CONSIDERED PUBLIC AND CAN BE ACCESSED BY THE PUBLIC. Such messages should conform to the norm and standards of publicly posted statements.

Your Submitted Contents

Within our Services, you may choose to submit your own contents such as your own contact information, audio recordings, photos or videos to or for use by other members. If you do so, you agree that you allow us to keep track and maintain records of your submissions in your account. Although your submitted contents may become publicly available or known, your personal account information related to these contents will not be made public.

Information We May Collect

Within our Services, we may collect information in what is commonly known as analytics. Such information is collected strictly for the purpose to understand how our Services are being used and how they can be improved in the future. Such information is always collected in aggregate form in an anonymous manner with NO KNOWLEDGE OF PERSONAL REFERENCE OR DATA. For example, we may collect statistics to measure the popularity of each emotone, but the data collected do not include any information about an individual user's emotone usage.

Information Security

We work hard to protect all information stored in our system. In particular, we take special care in safeguarding the privacy and security of your private messages in multiple ways:

It should be noted that it is your responsibility to safeguard your device and your account information (login and password). You should make judicious choices of when to logout of our app and when to lock your phone.


Our Privacy Policy may get modified from time to time. We will post policy changes on this page, and if the situation warrants, we may post the changes via email or via our app to you.